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Our Goal: Keeping Your Car Out of Our Shop

Bruce's Automotive and Fleet Services is the auto repair shop you've been searching for. Our business is family-owned and our staff performs comprehensive auto maintenance, auto repairs and tire services on your foreign or domestic car, truck, or van. Our customers receive personal attention, fair prices and expert service by ASE certified technicians.

Our staff and technicians have over 100 years of combined experience so we get the job done right the first time. You'll drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle was serviced by professionals, and you'll appreciate fair prices and no shop or disposal fees.

Auto Maintenance Services

Oil Change Service

Regular oil changes are the best way to prolong engine life and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Bruce's offers oil, filter and lube services with conventional, high-mileage and synthetic products. We'll help you decide which is best for your vehicle.


Riding a little rough? Ensure that your engine is running efficiently with clean air and gas. An engine tune-up will make your engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost power.

Air Conditioning Service

Don’t risk your car overheating due to fluid loss, corrosion or leaks. Our technicians diagnose and repair many components in your air conditioning and cooling system including radiator, thermostat, water pump, belts and more. We can pinpoint issues within this complex system and provide solutions.

Radiator Service

As a central component of your car's cooling system, a well-maintained radiator will keep your vehicle out of the shop and running well. Our technicians test for system leaks, exchange fluids and replace worn parts.

Vehicle Inspection

Bruce's Automotive provides complete vehicle inspection services including visual inspection of your car’s major operating systems, including your tires, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses and more.

Car Batteries

If your car won't start, it may be a problem with your car battery. Bring your vehicle to us for a replacement battery, new battery installation or check and servicing of an existing battery.

Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel system cleaning services maximize fuel economy and help reduce vehicle emissions. Better gas mileage always sounds good! Let our expert technicians restore vehicle performance with fuel cleaning and injector services.

Belts & Hoses

Every car has a water pump, power steering pump and other features that rely on belts and hoses to operate. Constant wear and tear, exposure to heat, vibration, and chemicals can cause cracks and leaks. Our technicians inspect all belts and hoses and install new, quality ones if necessary.

Wheel Alignment

When you first bought your vehicle, the wheels and front end were aligned perfectly. Make sure they stay that way to avoid excessive tire tread wear and improve driver safety. If you feel your car, truck or SUV is pulling to one side or the steering wheel isn't straight while the vehicle is, it's time to stop in and see us.

Auto Repair Services

Engine/Electrical/Transmission Diagnostics

Check engine light on? Hearing a rattle or growl from your engine? Bring your vehicle to Bruce's Automotive for complete engine diagnostics, electrical diagnostics and transmission diagnostics. Our ASE certified technicians will check fluids, tires and brakes as well as everything under the hood and under your car or truck. You'll find out what repairs are necessary and which ones you can plan for in the future. Maintaining your vehicle will keep it on the road longer. Bruce's knows how.

Heating & Cooling System

Can't remember the last time you changed your antifreeze? If not, it's worn out and your vehicle is at serious risk for overheating. Prolong the life of your heating and cooling system with a system check at our Lakewood, Ohio location. Our shop offers heating & cooling system inspections and repairs.

Exhaust & Muffler

A loud growl or a choking engine could mean your vehicle has an exhaust system leak. The muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter need to be repaired by a professional...soon. Bruce's ASE certified technicians will inspect your exhaust and muffler, and replace or repair broken, missing, or malfunctioning parts. There are lots of muffler shops out there. Bruce's has fair prices and no shop or disposal fees.


Brakes are one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle. Grinding, squealing or 'soft' braking are all signs that brakes need professional attention. Keep yourself and your passengers safe with a brake inspection by ASE certified technicians. If repairs are needed, Bruce's Automotive offers fair prices and peace of mind. Bring any make or model, foreign or domestic to us for brakes and brake repairs.


Bruce's Automotive provides full-service radiator flushes, radiator coolant/antifreeze changes and radiator replacement. Check your vehicle’s manual for the recommended replacement schedule. Why? You'll increase the life of your radiator and cooling system by preventing rust and corrosion, plus you could avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

Transmission Service

Domestic and foreign vehicles that need transmission repair, clutch repair, differential repair or drive train repair are welcome at Bruce's. Our certified technicians diagnose issues with automatic and manual transmission vehicles using state-of the art equipment and years of experience. Keep your transmission running smoothly for years to come. Bring it to Bruce's.

Suspension: Shocks & Struts

Your vehicle's suspension maintains a smooth controlled ride on the road. Ensure your safety through any twist or turn with evaluation and repair services at Bruce's. Leaking fluid, a bumpy ride, nose-dives when breaking and excessive bouncing are some signs that your shocks and struts need attention. Bring your domestic or import car to us for expert steering and suspension service.

Diesel & Powerstroke Engine Specialists

We know diesel engines inside and out because we repair them every day. Bring us your Ford Powerstroke 7.3 or 6.0, your Chevrolet & GMC (Duramax), or your Dodge (Cummins) engine to us. We'll provide ASE certified repair and prices you can live with. Your business depends on a dependable truck. Stop in and see us.

Do you have a fleet of trucks? Bruce's Automotive and Fleet Services proudly serves the Cleveland, Ohio area. Our ASE certified diesel mechanics get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Do you have a Recreational Vehicle? Bruce's Automotive and Fleet Services proudly serves Cleveland, Ohio and Northeast Ohio. Our ASE certified diesel mechanics will get your RV back on the road.

Tire Services

Buy Tires

Get the right tire for your car, truck or SUV. Bruce's offers a complete line of brand name and discount tires from manufacturer's like: BF Goodrich, Firestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental and Cooper . Don't waste your time calling around or driving around to find tire deals. Come to Bruce's. We'll get you new, reliable tires at prices that work for your budget.

Tire Installation

Bruce's expert staff put your tires on with precision and speed, so you can get on with your day. Our standard tire installation includes: tire mounting, wheel balancing, new rubber valve stem and tire disposal.

Protect your new tires with a wheel alignment. It'll extend the life of your tires and keep you safer on the road.

Tire Rotation

With over 100 years of combined auto repair experience, the technicians at our shop know that regularly rotating tires helps them last. Get the most out of your tires, minimize uneven tread wear and stay safe on the road. Have your vehicle's tires rotated every 5,000-8,000 miles. At Bruce's you'll get a complete tire inspection, rotation and pressure check so your tires are road-ready.