What Our Customers Say...

I wanted to send this letter as a personal thank you for looking at my Subaru Forrester and repairing the loose clamp on the lower radiator hose & then to my surprise, refusing to take a dime for it.

I have brought my car to you0oixv on three occasions and this is the second time you have not charged me for a simple fix.

I cannot tell you what have the knowledge of my mechanic being honest and generous does for mu piece of mind. For example, I was out of town once and my mother's engine light came on...she freaked out and didn't want to drive it. I told her over the phone to take it to the closest mechanic which turned out to be a few blocks away in Avon. She took it there and the charged her $115.00 to tell her it was a problem with the sensor.They wanted another $200 to replace it. She called and I told her to drive home and I would do it upon my return. When I got home to look at it, I was shocked to find it directly under the hood of the car and could be very easily removed with three bolts...but the worst part was when I went to replace it...one of the bolt heads had been broken...there was no need to replace the sensor, just the bolt itself to seat it properly. My mother was 67 years old at the time.

When I told my wife, who works at the corporate office at Mr. Hero what you did for us, she immediately went on to Google reviews and gave you a five-start rating review. She also gave me these certificates to send you to say thank you.

You not only have customers for life, but we will recommend you to all of our friends and family.

Thanks again for just being a great organization that we can trust in times of need.

Best Regards,
Deryl J. Minnich

"Bruce's Automotive is a GREAT place to take your car. They are fair and honest. Being a woman I am not intimidated by the technicians. They respect me and take the time to explain the repairs needed. They're very polite and trustworthy. I would not take my car anywhere else!"

Marianne Kasarda

"Bruce has been servicing my car for the past twenty years. He is honest and offers great service at a fair price. Bruce's Automotive is the only place I will take my car."

Jeff Funk

"I highly recommend Bruce's Automotive & Fleet. My husband and I have been going to Bruce for years. We never feel hassled or pressured to have unnecessary work done to our vehicles."

Beau & Cathy Williams

"Bruce's Automotive and Fleet is very dependable. They service my car in a timely manner. They always find the time to fit me into their busy schedule, and go 3above and beyond the other places I've been to before."

Neil Curless

"There are plenty of car repair shops out there, but we always come to Bruce's Automotive...and recommend it to our friends and neighbors. Bruce and his staff do an excellent job, clearly explain repairs and always give us a fair price. We're glad to have him nearby."

P&L Fresty